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Formerly known as ECR Touch distributed by Langleys Distribution, myEPOS Touch is the new enhanced solution with all the features that over 4000 customers enjoyed from ECR but with nearly 1200 new enhancements, improvements and bug fixes.

myEPOS is a complete solution not just for hospitality, but boasts significant abilities in Convenience Retail, Fashion Retail, Hotels, Hardware Outlets, Dry Cleaners, General Retail and almost any other environment.

myEPOS is one of the only solutions that is robust enough experienced enough and flexible enough to cater for virtually any business environment even Multi Site environments and even has a customisable scripting system and API’s for communicating with other solutions over the cloud.

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We follow the philosophy of Big enough to Cope, Small enough to Care.

Our Dealer network is second to none with only the best being approved and selected. Not just any EPOS company can become a myEPOS Reseller !

All Resellers undergo significant Training and invest time learning what can be done and understanding your business before creating your bespoke solution.

They all go out of their way to ensure you get the very best.

Individual Approach

We as myEPOS stick to designing the software, enhancing it and moulding it around your needs. Our Resellers are normally local to you and will spend time understanding your requirements before deploying solutions and have the expertise to understand your individual requirements.

Modern Technologies

EPOS solutions constantly evolve as does Day-to-day running of a business. We evolve with the times, listen to feedback and constantly update our solutions to make the most of the newest technologies available.

Complex Sollutions

We aren’t like most EPOS companies with a ‘Quick fit for all’, All our solutions are customised by dedicated resellers to fit your business and run your business your way. This always involves complexities and our teams have many years experience and deal with new concepts every day. Why do they use us? because our solution offers the flexibility to get your idea actioned !

Where can I see it!

We have resellers available throughout the UK and Ireland, you can even download a demo copy !



Hospitality & Bar

Fast, Easy to use, Course Control, Full Reporting, Easy Department Product Changes, Flexible Keyboard design, Kitchen Video upto 6 Kitchen Printers and the scope for API interaction.

Convenience / Retail

Integrated Chip & Pin, Scale Integration, Cloud Product Control, Easy Database management & Promotion Control along with over 100 Sales/Product Reports provide a versatile C’Store solution. Handheld Stock/Shelf Labels and support multiple PLU Barcodes, Price levels, Age verification ,CCTV feed, API’s

Takeaway / Delivery

With Driver Management, Integrated Chip&Pin, Cloud Control with API’s, Caller ID integration, Eat In/Out price banding, Easy Pizza Control with Build your own and 1/2 and 1/2 features as standard almost every feature is catered for.

Fashion / Retail

One of the only solutions offering a full Fashion Matrix Solution, Cater for multiple items in varieties of Colours, Sizes, Sex easily. Link this to online outlets or stores and maintain stock between outlets/online easily.


Connect your Bar to your Rooms, submit transactions to your Hotel Management System with ease, report on table use, Room use, Accept Vouchers, Take Bookings, handle Deposits, Monitor Loyalty, Over 100 reports available.

Dry Cleaning

Need a solution where customers can check goods in and collect days/weeks later. Monitor the handling of the items, print labels and send SMS messages when products are ready for collection.

General / Retail

Handle Customer Invoicing, Sales Statements, submit your data to Sage/Quickbooks/Xero, Send Reminders by email, Scanable Receipts, Multisite Stock Control including checking stock at other branches.

Hairdressing / Pharmacy

Track Customers by spend/products purchased, Offer Loyalty Schemes, Manage Appointments and pay staff commissions, SMS/Email Reminders/Receipts/Invoices, Multisite, Full reporting, Inventory by Clerk.

Cloud Solutions

View your data on any Web Enabled device, Track Sales, Review historic information, Update Pricing, Run numerous Reports, Interrogate Sales Journals, File your Taxes, Completely Live interaction across the estate.


Need a flexible EPOS system to Run your business your way?



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