Convenience & Grocery EPOS Solution

Large or Small, myEPOS has all the tools needed to handle your Convenience or Grocery Store. We have fast, friendly, efficient Point of Sales Screens complete with full stock and Inventory handling Inner and Outer barcodes for complete control. All your sales and stock information is easily accessible with our powerful back-office reporting.

Why Choose myEPOS?

myEPOS has a proven track record in Convenience and General Retail that spans over 2 decades. Our software was written for Retailers by Retailers and caters for all the pitfalls that many vendors fail to cater for. We have 100% accurate Stock and Sales reporting, The Ability to make purchases from the Point of Sale, Handle Split Shifts, Time and Attendance tracking, full integration with Scales, PDQ’s and a flexible HHT for Stocks and labelling.

Stores that sell Fruit and Veg can easily integrate with Scales and myEPOS Touch can also handle Barcodes from Meat scales and even produce the Meat Labels directly if required. The Detail of Product tracking caters for multiple Pack Sizes and our promotion system is so comprehensive that virtually any combination of promotion can be easily enacted.

With myEPOS Touch, everything is just a few touches away. All Sales Data, Loyalty Schemes, Customer Spend, Stock Levels, Promotions, Multiple Barcodes for individual stock lines, One touch view of current sales, Detailed Reports, Time / Attendance / Shift Information, even purchase Orders, Goods In, Profit and Loss.

Everything In

One Package


  A dealer near you will set up and train your staff within minutes, alongside ongoing support and technical maintenance.

 Offer your guests sit-down service with tableside ordering straight from your Ipad or Phone using our OrderPad.

 Boost customer retention with customisable loyalty programs and set menus.

  Online, E-commerce, Delivery, Collection and Multi-site ready.

 Real-time reporting on staff, customer sales, margin and stock.

 Let your customers pay however they like with a range of payment integrations.

Be more specific with our custom floor plans that allow you to assign per seat, design multiple floors and check live updates seamlessly. 

Make sure your customers get what they want, on time, every time. By using Kitchen Video, Order Prompts and Printers to avoid human error. 

Key Features + Benefits

  Stock Control

Most EPOS systems allow tracking of individual barcodes, but few know the difference between an Inner and an Outer Barcode, Few have Multiple Prices for different clientele, and only some have the level of control we offer on Promotion Schemes. Imagine having all of this from 1 package.

  Fully Integrated

myEPOS not only integrates with a variety of Scales, Most Barcode Readers (And most barcode formats), Can process Meat Scale information (Even act as a meat scale), Multiple Customer Displays, A4+ Prin­­ters, PDQ Machines, Stock HH Terminals, but also with the introduction of the cloud backoffice can integrate with Accounts Packages, provide detailed reports on/off site, provide tracking of Goods in, Email Customers and Suppliers (along with yourselves).

  Multitude of Reports

No matter what level of information you require, myEPOS can provide details of Most Popular Lines, Sales of specific Items / Departments / Groups, Low Stock Levels, Regular Stock Adjustments, Footfall, etc. Whilst most systems have much of this with our reports you can drill down for more information, automatically email reports, upload them to cloud storage, and fully interrogate the day-to-day running of your store.

Manage Customers
Anyone can use
Ultimate control



General Retail | Retail Run Down

Add a Second or third store and check stock between outlets on demand, move stock between branches, order centrally and distribute your product easily with our multi-Site platforms (Both Front of House and Backoffice).

A rarity within EPOS systems is the ability to run your Backoffice wherever you like.

We have a Backoffice on The Till, The traditional BackOffice at the back of the shop and Cloud versions.

Take full control of the business with detailed Purchase analysis to match alongside your sales data.

Make changes without interfering with the front of house operations.

Cloud Back


General Retail | Cloud Back Office

With the myEPOS cloud back office, you can see Sales Data Live, make changes on the Fly, access your business remotely and run a wide variety of reports at your leisure.

All your business information is held in a secure Cloud and all systems are backed up for that extra piece of mind.

Reduce your Workload and Accountancy costs with the information being made available to your Accountants / Xero.

Access your most important data from any location or any device. Manage your business from your sofa or a beach in the Bahamas.

Cloud Backoffice allows you to create reports and track insights, never miss a trick and always be in the know.

Quickly check your sales, time, and attendance. Automate orders and set up stock reminders.

Cut costs and boost profits with over 100 business and financial reports.



General Retail | Retail Run Down

Our promotion management means you can offer any combination of deals and any types of products, groups of products by Date Range, by Hour and even by Customer.

If you have a loyalty scheme you can make promotions only run for loyalty customers.

Collect & Spend points and unlike others actually see who buys what products regularly with ease.

Run multiple promotions seamlessly and edit promotions on the fly.

MyEPOS automatically applies the applicable promotions to orders.



General Retail | Retail Run Down

myEPOS has a Tablet Solution enabling the full EPOS terminal to be operated on remote WiFi Tablets so orders can be pre-processed prior to clients reaching the EPOS Checkout Terminals.

This means quick and easy collation of orders pre-checkout.

We also operate Pico Handheld Terminals for Easy Stock Checking, Price Labelling, and general Stock Maintenance.



General Retail | Retail Run Down

We know that not all epos is created equally, we also know that not every item in your store has a barcode, with MyEPOS installed, it’s quick and easy to create your own product barcodes.

Easily print them onto label paper and label your own stock.

Make it easy for staff to find the products without searching through 100s of pages of products.

Instead of creating a barcode for every item, you can create a barcode book for the front of your store, or a simple product search feature on your till.

With our tailored system managing your business sorting stock is easy peasy.

myEPOS can scan multiple Barcodes and link these to single / Multiple and even Groups of Items (Kits)
Create barcodes specifically for your stock or products that don’t arrive with barcodes.

Take full control of your inventory and make stock control seamless.

Simple Interface

Top Points

Responsive Till Means Responsive Staff

Fast + Reliable terminals create more business and happy customers

Accurate reporting and powerful stock-taking mean you save money and valuable time.

A4 and email receipts as standard.

Outstanding customer management, your database has never been in better hands.




General Retail | Retail Run Down

Track Past and Present Customers, Bookings, Deposits and Activity details easily with over 100 Reports focused on getting the most information from your Sales.

Build a history on your Client Spends, what products they purchase and handle your marketing database centrally.

With MyEPOS you have all this in one place along with Deposits held, Membership / Loyalty Information, tracking of spends and discounts used.

A Complete client history with Information integrated automatically.

Easily send electronic, legible receipts

Ready to

get started?

Transform your business today with an epos system that grows with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to change my menu?

Adding an items to your menu is super simple you only have to program the items in once and in most cases they will automatically be added to the screen, orderpads and promotions if applicable.

My Business has multiple Shifts, Can I Report on Each Shift per Till?

MyEpos has complete control and reporting over your Shifts. You can have Daily Takings, Takings by Shift and with the powerful backoffice report on any combinations of Days/Months/Years or Shifts. You can even report on this period vs. another period.

How Many Choices or Options can be offered on a product?

We don’t believe you should have limits on the number of options you offer your clients. Every business is different and sometimes you need to be unique, So if you have a Full Breakfast with 40 options then no need to panic. You can even add all of these options in a single step…

Can I connect MyEpos to any Accounts packages?

Currently we offer connectivity with Xero, Quickbooks and Sage through our MyEpos Cloud Backoffice solution. We have a powerful set of API’s available so the system can communicate with other technologies as they become available.

You say MyEpos has around 100 Reports, what if I want a different one?

Whilst we believe all reports are genuinely catered for, with a little knowledge of Crystal Reports, your reporting can be as flexible as you are. Many resellers offer customised reports so the world is your oyster.

If Someone Doesn't pay by the end of the day what happens?

Many systems will either insist on the payment being completed on the Day of the Sale, or make you cash off sales and record them separately. myEPOS will let you do either of these OR roll it into the next Day / Week as you decide in the management setup.

If I want 1 Till to Send its orders to 2 Places, then another to different places can this be done?

Control of Kitchen Printers is configurable on a per Till basis and you can even override printing so that a specific Order Printer doesn’t operate on a given terminal so for example Bar orders taken at the Bar don’t print at the Bar, yet from the other terminals all Drinks print to the bar.

I order from multiple suppliers can MyEPOS handle this?

Yes! MyEPOS knows that businesses frequently order from multiple suppliers to get the best deal. MyEPOS will maintain the margin or profit and loss based on where the particular stock comes from

If my Network breaks down, Can I still use the tills?

myEPOS has complete control and reporting over your Shifts. You can have Daily Takings, Takings by Shift and with the powerful backoffice report on any combinations of Days/Months/Years or Shifts. You can even report on this period vs another period.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Your EPOS provider will discuss your requirements, explain the options available along with a competitive quotation and discuss how to get the products needed for them to set up the system.

Step 2

Once your EPOS provider has either the products in a spreadsheet format or multiple suppliers spreadsheets, they shall look for a list of Clerks and content for the Receipts.

Step 3

Your system will get delivered/installed. Your EPOS supplier will train you on how to use the front of house system and make meaningful analyses of the Sales Data/Reports.

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