Written By hayley

July 21, 2021

All the Beer Drinking Holidays from now until years’ end:

2020 was perhaps the longest and most gruelling year for many of the country and the world. Actually, there’s no perhaps about it, as a collective it’s been an absolute mess for the past year leading us until now, April 2021. Our glimmer of hope has arrived. The sun is out (in its small pathetic force in the UK, but what can we do we’ll get the shorts on and the factor 50 on regardless). With the first set of restrictions lifted on the 29th March, allowing people to meet outside and then… the big one, pubs and hospitality reopening on the 12th, we have a glimmer of ‘hop’. Here are all the beer-drinking holidays you can use as an excuse to crack open a cold one, to twist and stout. Not that any excuse is needed.


April 6th New Beers Eve

Say, “what’s up brew?” and celebrate the end of the US Prohibition, well… the day before it. On the eve of the end of the prohibition in 1933, thousands of people queued at the door of their favourite pubs to sip on their first beer in THIRTEEN YEARS. We’ve struggled with a few months of pubs being shut, let alone without alcohol at all!


April 7th National Beer Day

By national… it’s America’s beer day, but we’re allies so we can celebrate too right? Celebrate the end of the prohibition and crack open a Budweiser or a Coors to really get in the American spirit and count your lucky stars you didn’t live through the prohibition.


April 11th King Gambrinus Day

If anything, this is the best one. One for the parties this story. King Gambrinus, “The King Of Beers” (imagine having that title, you’d never hear the last of it). The story goes, that he sold his soul to the devil to become the first mortal brewer, and THEN outdrank the devil when he came to collect it. Talk about a badass. The king, was buried in a beer barrel after living to 100 years old. Come on, that’s an excuse for a few if there’s any.


April 17th Saison Day

Not lying here, didn’t know what a Saison was before right this second. Do now, and shall be drinking one on the 17th. Sais who? Sais me.


April 23rd German Beer Day

Perhaps a Kromacher or a Warsteiner for you on the 23rd? If you’re feeling super adventurous drink it from a two-pint jar, just don’t wear white and stein your shirt. Also, don’t stoop to drinking a Beck, you’re better than that.


May 7th National Homebrew Day

One for those who tried a little experiment during the lockdown. After a year that homebrew should be perfect, dish it out to your brewskis and have a cracker.


June 15th UK National Beer Day

The big one. Whatever your poison, just make sure it’s beer and it’s from the UK. You could even carry a huge union jack around with you, the BBC would love that at the moment.


July 18th St Arnoldus Day

When it’s the day to celebrate the patron saint of Belgian brewers and hop pickers. You’ve just got to have a beer? There’s just no better excuse is there. Even if it’s just a couple of Stella’s as an ode to the great Arnoldus.


August 6th IPA Da

A day for those ale drinkers to ‘hop’ over to the pub. Or if you’re not that adventurous, the 6th August might be the day your life changes forever. Ale in a day’s work.


August 7th International Beer Day

Seriously, if you don’t have a beer on this day? Then is there any other day where you can find an excuse to have one? Shame on you.


September 19th Oktoberfest

Get out your Dirndls and Lederhosen folks!


September 28th “Drink Beer Day”

Clue is in the title.


October 4th End of Oktoberfest

If you managed from September 19th until October 4th, hats off to you. Not the Laderhosen though, that’s a step too far.


October 9th Beer and Pizza Day

Pizza, good. Beer, good. Maybe spice it up with an Italian beer too.


October 27th National American Beer Day

There seems to be a theme emerging here.


October 31st Halloween

Nothing to do with beer. But any excuse. You can dress up as a beer if you really want.


November 5th Stout Day

Stand stout from the crowd with a Guinness, the best of all pints. Or, try something wacky with caramel or similar.


December 10th National Lager Day

Have a day that’s lager than life.


December 25th – January 1st

Do I really need to explain?



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