Pick up the pace in your Nightclub

You manage a busy nightclub, we know that with every licencing change requirements you need an EPOS system that is flexible enough to handle it. Your user-friendly interface is designed by a team that understands your fast-paced lifestyle and everything that comes along with it. MyEPOS will help you manage your stock and wastage more efficiently, saving you money and improving your customer satisfaction.

Why Choose MyEPOS?

Having a speedy interface is just one of the many benefits you get with our system. Our complete package allows you to manage staff hours, see who is serving and when. You can track stock insights from anywhere and automate ID prompts.

We all know that bars can be very busy places, we can help with mobile ordering and recipe prompts. Give your customers the option of ordering at the dancefloor to speed up service even more. Recipe prompts also tell your staff how and what to make and when by!

We also know that cheeky nightclubs like to charge different prices for drinks at different times. New Year’s Eve for example is perfect for this kind of upsell. MyEPOS takes the guess work out for your staff, with automatic price switches, therefore you’re always in full control.

Everything In

One Package


  A dealer near you will set up and train your staff within minutes, alongside ongoing support and technical maintenance.

Manage a diverse inventory across your online and physical stores with clever and powerful stock control.

 Boost customer retention with customisable loyalty programs and Promotions.

  Online, E-commerce, Delivery, Collection and Multi-site ready.

 Real-time reporting on staff, customer sales, margin and stock. Identify best sellers, create reports and manage your business from anywhere.

 Let your customers pay however they like with a range of payment integrations.

 Easily add, edit, and remove items for painless product management.

Automate purchase orders to keep your customers satisfied

Key Features +


  Staff Management

MyEPOS allows you to see who is serving + when! Manage your staffs hours with our clock in and clock out system built directly into your till.

  Stock Control

Make it super easy for your stock takers with MyEPOS stock management you can easily view + adjust stock levels.

  ID Checks

Don’t sell to underage people again with MyEPOS. Our system will prompt your staff to check ID with every sale.


Have your EPOS system manage your promotions so your staff don’t have to. Offer 2 for 1 on shots? No Problem, MyEPOS manages this for you – no more relying on your new staff to know what promotions you run and when.

Manage Customers
Anyone can use
Ultimate control



MyEPOS knows the best way to make money in your nightclub environment is to know where your money is going! Stock Control allows you to manage your main asset with ease. Stock management does not need to be a headache! MyEPOS knows (Pints in Barrel, shots in 75cl) already which makes simple stock management easier, but what if you want to manage your business remotely or with more precision? MyEPOS has a recipe capability that you can update, so that when you sell a pina colada it needs to deduct 120ml of pineapple juice, 50ml of Run (2 Shots) and 50ml of coconut milk. This means you can keep track of your Rum, see how much is being sold as Rum, how much is being sold in cocktails!

You can also track the use buy date on items, you can see what is going to expire + when. Then you can choose to run a promotion to sell it before it goes – Reducing waste even further! MyEPOS can also deal with the clumsy bar staff. If they drop a drink they can ring it through the till as waste this means your stock will stay consistent. You can see if you have a member of staff who is always spilling and dropping drinks and redistribute them to other areas of your business. Let MyEPOS help you manage your business and watch it grow and succeed.

Stock Management

The system knows your measurements already i.e. pints in your barrel

Cloud-based storage makes sure all your important data is safe

Recipe capabilities teach your staff so you don’t have to

Set up automated reminders and re-orders

Track use-by dates and run appropriate promotions



Teaching new staff cocktail recipes can be a nightmare. MyEPOS can provide a pop-up or print out of instructions on how to make the cocktail ensuring that all staff can make cocktails quickly and efficiently! A big headache for customers can be having to wait for a specific member of staff to make there drink leading to long waits at the bar. Pop up simple instructions ensure every staff can make any cocktail correctly! Shorter wait times means happy customers and a happy customer will come back again and again.

Recipe Prompts

Pop up or print out instructions

Save time on training

Accurate Stocktake

Connect your CCTV to find out who is wasting stock



MyEPOS can prompt your staff to check for ID on every purchase or prompt to check for wristbands if that is how your club operates! Comply with licencing laws simply and easily.

Age Restriction

Automated prompts to check ID

Wristband integration

Have proof of following regulation



MyEPOS knows that most nightclubs charge different prices depending on the time. MyEPOS takes the guess work out for your staff, automatically switching price levels depending on the time. Our package also has timed promotions all of which happens automatically! No more relying on your staff to know what promotions are running when MyEPOS removes all the guesswork! Get yourself 2nd screen displays and we can sort the rest.

Price Levels

Automated price switches depending go the time of night

Easy application of time promotions

Completely flexible and customisable

User Friendly

Top Points

Responsive tills means Responsive staff…

Price switches sorted

Powerful Stock Control

Recipe and ID prompting

With easy promotion management you can be on top of the trends to keep people excited and flowing in and out all night.



MyEPOS knows that bars can be busy places. With the addition of Mobile ordering you can give your customers the option to order directly from there mobile and have your staff deliver drinks directly! Speed up service to your VIP tables and increase revenue by offering upselling on your customized mobile application.

Mobile Ordering

Simple and powerful online ordering

Built-in marketing tools including SMS and email

Your very own mobile app designed around you

Cut costs and boost profits with intelligent sales insights

Integrate your online and physical store orders

Ready to

get started?

Transform your business today with an epos system that grows with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to adjust pricing or promotions?

Adjusting pricing is super simple with MyEPOS, you can bulk update your pricing in 3 simple clicks to maintain your margin or your cost price. You can also simply adjust individual prices or promotions!

I order from multiple suppliers can MyEPOS handle this?

Yes! MyEPOS knows that businesses frequently order from multiple suppliers to get the best deal. MyEPOS will maintain the margin or profit and loss based on where the particular stock comes from

I have different door cost depending on the time and day can MyEPOS handle this?

Yes myEPOS has the ability to set price levels and promotions based on the day and time ensuring your customers are paying the correct price every time

I have a complicated cocktail Menu; Can MyEpos help staff make the cocktails?

Yes, you can set your EPOS unit to show the recipe for each cocktail meaning your staff makes it right the first time every time!

You say myEPOS has around 100 Reports, what if I want a different one?

Whilst we believe all reports are genuinely catered for, with a little knowledge of Crystal Reports, your reporting can be as flexible as you are. Many resellers offer customised reports so the world is your oyster.

How many promotions can MyEPOS handle?

MyEPOS can handle infinite promotions and can even handle items being in multiple promotions

My Business has multiple Shifts, Can I Report on Each Shift per Till?

myEPOS has complete control and reporting over your Shifts. You can have Daily Takings, Takings by Shift and with the powerful backoffice report on any combinations of Days/Months/Years or Shifts. You can even report on this period vs another period.

How Many Choices or Options can be offered on a product?

We don’t believe you should have limits on the number of options you offer your clients. Every business is different and sometimes you need to be unique, So if you have a Full Breakfast with 40 options then no need to panic. You can even add all of these options in a single step …

Can I connect myEPOS to any Accounts packages?

Currently we offer connectivity with Xero, Quickbooks and Sage through our myEPOS Cloud Backoffice solution. We have a powerful set of API’s available so the system can communicate with other technologies as they become available.

If my Network breaks down, Can I still use the tills?

myEPOS has complete control and reporting over your Shifts. You can have Daily Takings, Takings by Shift and with the powerful backoffice report on any combinations of Days/Months/Years or Shifts. You can even report on this period vs another period.

Get Stared in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Your EPOS provider will discuss your requirements with you and explain the options available along with providing a competitive quotation and seek copies of your Menu to understand your business.

Step 2

The EPOS suppliers will look for a copy of your Menu. They will also look for a copy of your Floor Plans/s, a list of Clerks and content for the Receipts e.g. Address, Phone Number, VAT Numbers, Website, etc.

Step 3

Your system will get delivered/installed. Your EPOS supplier will train you on how to use the front of house system and make meaningful analyses of the Sales Data/Reports.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

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