Written By hayley

July 21, 2021

The Secret Costs of Delivery Service

Pandemic or not, people are lazy. I’ll admit it, I’m lazy too. With the food delivery sector tanking its way towards a projected 260 billion pounds by the end of the 2020s, it seems there are plenty of lazy folks around.

Whether you live in a city, or a suburb or otherwise there’s usually a nice takeout spot within walking distance of your house but really who’s got the time. Well, you might just find the time if you realised what delivery services are charging. For both the business and the consumer too.
But this is about you, the businesses being (to put it lightly) shafted by delivery services. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty then and break down what each service charges you for their services. Starting with Deliveroo: 30% charge, so if somebody buys a £10 pizza they nick a tidy £3 straight from you. Uber Eats is 35%, so £3.50, and JustEat is a little less at 14% plus VAT. Slightly better yet still less than ideal really. A recent survey by an analyst of The Independent shows that the three big hitters were securing around £1 billion in fees from UK restaurants which is a joke if we’re being honest. Woohoo for capitalism.
It gets worse too. For two reasons. Reason A, the rate will increase over time similarly to the sneaky devils who distribute broadband and television deals. Reason B, the payments are delayed for 60 days. So you could have a brilliant month, where the 35% may not make a huge difference (let’s be honest, it always makes a difference at that rate) but you won’t be charged for this until 60 days after, which could be after a bad month. Again, they’re very sneaky.
However, you’ll be glad to know there’s a solution! It’s no coincidence that you find yourself on this page, reading this article you’re looking for the all-important solution and we have it right here. MyEPOS is always the solution. Let’s break down why exactly.

Fixed flat fee – Instead of being charged a random extortionate fee after 60 days. At the beginning of every month a fee of £30 is paid for the use of the service. It never changes on performance either. How convenient!

Price changes – This a sneaky one. Keep it on the hush-hush. Services such as Deliveroo and UberEats will not allow for price change. The price in the restaurant has to be the same as on the app. However, MyEPOS can allow for little cheeky price boosts. As mentioned before keep it HUSH.


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