Version 2.8 (December 2019)

  • New flags:
    • Use Small Font For Customer Details On Receipt 
    • Decimal Places for Quantity on Receipts: 
    • Send Voids Together With POST TAB? – If set to yes, item voids no longer send when the line is voided, they are stored in a void list table and when the tab is posted all the voided items are sent on one ticket.
    • Allow Adjust Tare On Confirm Weight Screen? – when set to yes 2 new buttons appear on confirm weight screen
    • Check Customer Birthday When Selecting Customer?
  • New ‘Group Select’ option in Item Setup > POS Settings > Order Prompts – (When flagged the system will now operate a new advanced order prompt control screen showing all options and allowing the prompts to be entered on a line by line basis.)
  • Promotion types ‘All for fixed price’, ‘Discount all with amount’ and ‘Discount All with (%)’ have a New ‘Discount All’ Option – If set to yes, when the promotion is triggered it will discount all items.
  • Added Button Functions ‘REVIEW UP’, ‘REVIEW DOWN’, ‘REVIEW TRANS NO’ to layout setup -> modify button
  • Added Archive Old Products tool to System tools -> Database Tools
  • Merge customers no longer requires accounts module
  • Gift Voucher Sales Are No Longer Allowed with Tabs as this causes a crash if posting the voucher sale to a tab and cashing of later
  • Added quick days to single dates in reports
  • Added facility to search by Sale Id in Till Journals
  • Till Journals now shows operator, date time of transaction and sale no in the right transaction window
  • Till Journals now automatically shows the last transaction whenever a query is run.
  • Daily Collection List Now has quick buttons for days and weeks.
  • Up and down arrows added to till journals to easily cycle through transactions
  • Back Office Sales reports no longer freeze if terminals are offline and an alert message is shown with which terminals are offline 

Version 2.7.2 Revision 8 (14 October 2019)

  • Fixes an issue with Tabs – Where a tab is created without a Name, then add a Name later, generated an error.
  • New Command – ‘JOURNAL VIEW’ – Lets you view the Current Sales with the Day by Day search at the top.
  • X/Z Reports – New option ‘Alternate Report Printer Port’ – Overrides Report Printer to an Order Printer
  • New Setting – ‘Prompt when Creating New Items’ allows you to turn the ‘Create New Product’ warning off
  • Layout Repair / Check Tool – Fixes any buttons that won’t delete / Relocate and tidies the file up
  • POS Menus – Option to Show/Hide Keyboard is now fixed
  • Ability to Batch Update by Supplier Margin / Department Margin – New Flag ‘Use Target Margin by Department or Supplier’
  • Option to ‘Disable Offline Backup’ has been added
  • Fixes Font issue on Layout Editor – When editing if you put a large font size in you could make the layouts unreadable
  • Improvements on ordering items in Layouts and added the option to re-order products in the Item Setup window.
  • Fixes an Issue with missing fields on Purchase order reprinting
  • Item Editing by Supplier and VAT now operates correctly, problems with Edit button not highlighting / sort ordering resolved.
  • Manager Dashboard checks quicker for machines being online so less prone to locking up when tills offline
  • New Flag – ‘Manager Dashboard Ignore unreachable terminals’ removes the warnings that a till is offline and just skips it for the dashboard.

Version 2.7.2 Revision 6 ()

  • Amount off Item Command can now accept an amount in pence before amount + Also accepts / at the end for Reason Number. ie 10AMOUNT OFF ITEM/1 will deduct 10 pence and automatically process as reason no 1
  • New Flag ‘Till Search runs search for contains all words’ added so that on the regular item search on the till can search for items containing all words as opposed to an exact phrase.
  • When in Offline Mode the software attempted to write Account Data when posting to Customer Accounts. Since the system would be offline and the Acc Data wouldnt be present in offline mode this generates a number of errors. Doing this is still not recommended but we have added a flag ‘Allow Customer Activity in Offline Mode’ – This will make the system backup the Acc Data Folder and copy it back overwriting the Account Activity when a till is brought back online and Allow you to post to accounts when offline. Use with caution – This is deisgned for Single EPOS Terminal Sites, This WILL OVERWRITE transactions from this till over the top of Account Transactions data from other tills if used in Multi till sites !
  • Shelf Edge Printing – When running Shelf Edge Labels (A4) was selecting the Barcode Printer instead of Shelf Label Printer

Version 2.7.2 Revision 5 (23 April 2019)

  • Many of the old Windows style OK boxes are now replaced with more EPOS friendly dialog boxes – eg Cancel / Void Sale
  • Error Reporting on a number of reports has been improved to help identify which Item/Record is causing any overflow errors, Message now identifies the actual record to check.
  • Further fixes and improvements to the Web Integration system
  • Reason Tables on Discounts – If there are no Reasons in the List – myEPOS no longer displays the reasons List.
  • Adjustments made for integration.

Version 2.7.2 Revision 4 (26 March 2019)

  • New Flag ‘Stock Check All Terminals’ – This is used to ensure that all Pending / Current Sales are checked from all tills where sales of an item must not go below Zero. For example – If you have a specific item that you only have limited stock of and want to ensure that the Stock Counts – Sales on Tabs, Pending Sales, Sales in Progress on all tills – to prevent it going into negative stock – This should be set to yes.

Version 2.7.2 Revision 3 (02 March 2019)

  • Updated Item Setup and select List of Products, By Group Department and select an item you will see the Edit Item option.
  • Updated Item Setup – If you select by VAT or Supplier at the top of the list and then select an item, the Edit Item did not highlight.
  • Updates to Web Uploader with SSH/SSL.
  • Updates to Web Uploader Field Structures.
  • Report Added to Backoffice for Membership Balances

Version 2.7.2 Revision 2

  • Fixes problem with earlier release where Customer Payment method was broken.
  • EFT on Payment Screen – Now shows the function name (ie Debit Card / Credit Card)
  • TAB OPEN command has been Sped Up

Version 2.7.2

  • Updated Order Printer Engine.
  • Customer Display Updated to ensure always updates current Sale Information.
  • PaymentSense Change Window made bigger.
  • Integration in Beta.
  • NewtonSoft Install added to Installer.
  • Couple of issues resolved in Installer with File Shares and DLL Registration
  • Customer Address/Area/County Fields can now have custom Labels.
  • Quck Shelf Labels can now be created/added to in Shelf Edge Wizard.
  • Quick Shelf Edge Label Size Adjusted to fit Conventional Shelf Edges

Version 2.7.1

  • Fixes an issue with Transactions on Hold printing instead of operator name on requested bills and order tickets.
  • Fixes an issue in Promotion setup where removing items would also remove last item.
  • Fixes an issue with Alternative Barcodes not working in Stock Transfer.
  • Fixes an Issue with Alternative Barcodes not working in Stock Returns.
  • Fixes an Issue where till could slow after drawing the layout where there were many promotions.
  • Fixes AD102 Caller ID locking issue. Now utilises a separate Caller ID application included within the attached ZIP file.
  • Fixed an issue where the button function ‘LAST CALLER ID’ was not holding the last number on AD102 Caller ID Units.
  • New PaymentSense Version 3 (Cloud) is required instead of Version 2 for PS Connect installations from this version forward.
  • New Flag added ‘Spool Shelf Labels To Server?’.
  • Added Postcode Field to the Customer Search Form.
  • Customer Search Now displays Post Code in Results.
  • Zero Priced items with multiples now show [multiple x ] [Item] in description field.
  • Notes entered in items now use the Caps On/Off as entered.
  • Fixed an Issue with Spacebar not working when entering an answer to Question.

Version 2.6.2 Build 4

  • Fix Bug where Deposits were showing up with sales in journals
  • Fix Bug where Promotion always storing last promotion record with sell each item with value promotions

Version 2.6.2 Build 3

Version 2.6.2 Build 2

Version 2.6.2 Build 1

  • New flag introduced for ‘Use Department HALO for Preset Items’
  • New Flag for ‘Day Start Hour’
  • New flag for ‘Update Previous Items in Transaction When changing Eat in / Take Out mode’
  • Fixed a bug with Item lookup by alternative ID in stocktake – Add Item
  • Purchase Order Wizard now uses alternative suppliers
  • Fixed bug with Split Bill -> split Item not recalculating VAT.
  • New Email Confirmation with Tabs and Appointments when use email program is on :-
       System Settings -> Staff Appointments -> Email Appointment Confirmations
       Tab Setup -> Reservations -> Email Confirmations

Version 2.6.1 Build 4

  • When EFT Provider is set to PS Connect and an eft tender is setup with active checked, that tender will now appear on the subtotal screen and suppress the EFT and EFT Customer Not Present Keys that appear.

Version 2.6.1 Build 3

  • When using long names this will now apply to Sales Menus
  • Discount Reason Now Prints on Receipts  and Request Bills when using Print Discount by Totals

Version 2.6.1 Build 2

  • Added New Flag: Allow Sales and Refunds in Same Transaction?   
  • Fixed Go to Website Button in Supplier Setup
  • Ticket No Now prints with centered alignment via Receipt Printer
  • Product Label Wizard Renamed to Label Wizard (New Design – allows to either select type of product label or barcode label, now shows a list of items added before viewing, items can now be added into the list by id or search..
  • New Flag Added: Export Labels to Shelf Label File Instead of Quick Shelf Label 
  • Added Default Screen Level to Staff Setup
  • New Flag “Default Screen Level for Default Page No” 
  • New Flag: “Open Cash Drawer With Z Reports”
  • New Flag: “Seconds Before Automatically Closing POS Report Preview Window (0= Not Set)”
  • Z Report are now saved in the user activity log

Version 2.6.1 Build 1

  • Contact Now On Customer Database Manager -> Apply Filters List now only appears if SMS Settings are configured.
  • Tablet Edition Now Syncs: TABLE_PLAN_STATUS
  • Fixed Bug where Loyalty Discounted Items wouldn’t Print On Receipt
  • Fixed Bug with Remote Terminal Clerk Logoff Issues when Flag: “Try and Logoff In Use Terminals When Logging On?” is on
  • Fixed Bug where Aborting Cancel Sale would still result in “Sale Cancelled” Appearing on 2 Line Display
  • Sticky Notes Will Now Print to Order Printers 
  • Quick Shelf Labels Will Now Print to Order Printers (Requires v6 of Order Engine Attached)
  • It is now possible to Licence ECR Touch Dongles for use with MyEPOS Touch 2.6.1 or later on the online licence app, this will automatically come with Time & Attendance and Back Office Reports (Please note you need the ecrtouch32.dll file in the c:\myepos directory for this to read..)
  • Rezlynx Guestline Integration now shows guest names on room posting screen instead of  booking name.

Version 2.6 Build 25

  • Emails sent direct from myepos now verifys an internet connection before send.
  • Added Refine by Hours to Financial By Period Report

Version 2.6 Build 24

  • Fixed bug with member balance enquiry looking up customer when “Always lookup customer in till mode” was turned on.
  • New Flag: “Redeem Member Cards to Balance Due Instead of Member Card Balance?”
  • New Flag: Override Gift Voucher Text With:
  • New Flag:  “Print Supplier Code On Quick Shelf Labels”
  • New Flag:  “Print Supplier Name On Quick Shelf Labels
  • Added “Refine By Hours” to Sales Report Criteria
  • New Filter Added to Purchase Orders -> Order Wizard -> Order Items That Have Zero Stock Only And Were Ordered On Tabs Between
  • New Button function: “CHECK FOR UPDATE” – Closes MyEepos & Runs Myepos Updater Program

Version 2.6 Build 23

  • Minor Fixes to layout structures
  • New Filter Added to Purchase Orders -> Order Wizard -> Order Items That Have Zero Stock Only And Were Ordered On Tabs Between

Version 2.6 Build 22

  • Inside Item Setup and Search, the Search for Attributes was producing an error.
  • The new ‘Restart Application’ function did not reliably restart the application

Version 2.6 Build 21

  • Fixed an error introduced with Split Bill’s
  • Bug fixes with the new AD102 USB Caller ID’s

Version 2.6 Build 20

  • Fixed split bill not reflecting set number of covers issue.
  • New Flag: “Use AD102 USB Caller ID?”

Version 2.6 Build 19

  • Added “RESTART APPLICATION” Button Function
  • Fixed Deselect All Stores in Financial Report Period Criteria
  • Addresses issue where adding button in layout setup was adding in wrong order
  • No Longer Shows “New” On new button added in layout setup.
  • Fixes Launch Error On Build 17
  • Fixes logoff issue not releasing staff when table open
  • Fixed issue with member card locking up with hold transaction
  • Fixed issue with Cash Uplift only working when Receipt Printer was Offline

Version 2.6 Build 18

  • System now automatically takes a full offline backup from the server on each slave machine when myEPOS starts and again at 5AM each morning.
    (Pos system needs to be on the user login window at this time for this to run).
  • New Function – ‘GO OFFLINE’
  • New Function – ‘GO ONLINE’
  • When a server goes offline/Network drops, it now only takes at most 5 seconds to get the response.
  • When a Slave machine loseds connection from the server, the user is now notified with a simple error message together with a new ‘Restart Now’ button to automatically relaunch the software.

Version 2.6 Build 17

  • Fixed footer of Account recall receipt.
  • Fixed Transaction Number on account recall receipt.
  • Added Copy Receipt text to reprinted receipts.
  • Changed the colour of ‘Transaction on Hold’ alert label.
  • Fixed issue with ‘Port already open’ with COM Port based scanners in Item Setup -> List.  
  • Added Access setting for Time and Attendance Reports to Access Setup.
  • Fixed Transactions with Deposit as Last Item not appearing in Journals.
  • Fixed a bug with performing Cash Drop showing ‘Receipt Printer Off-Line’ when using order printer as a Receipt Printer.
  • Added new button function ‘RELOAD TFT IMAGES’ only supported in TFT Display V2.
  • Fixed issue with ‘Weighing Item’ message overlaying left hand side of the screen. 

Version 2.6 Build 16

  • New Flag “Print Tab Details On Requested Bills?”
  • New Flag “Upon Split Bill Auto Select Target Cover?”
  • New “Flag Limit Tab Info Characters to Receipt Length”      
  • Fixes Issue with Copy and paste of multiple buttons in layout setup
  • Course Items Now Indent under parent items  
  • Fixed Issue With Split Bill -> Print Bills
  • Fixed Issue With Link Tables Not Working
  • Fixed Issue with Dibal G310 Scale NCI Protocol Link Not Working
  • When setting Sell Online under batch item update utility it will now do a product upload 
  • Fixed issue with Customer Database Manager -> Membership Expiring Between Not checking over end of year.
  • New! Added option to Sales Report Criteria -> Extract Ingredients from Recipe Items
  • New! Added new POS Report -> STAFF SALES PERIOD REPORT     
  • Made Changes to PS Connect Retail goEftInfo, hopefully resolves missing object error..
  • Fixed Property Run_Form Not found with Money Uplift using tub numbers
  • Fixed Page 9 missing in layout editor
  • Fixed Bottom or receipt not printing 8th line.
  • Fixed Error when pressing clear supplier in stock adjustments form
  • Fixed ‘bright yellow’ is missing from the grid and an empty Command9 button is drawn in an odd place.
  • New! RESTORE TAB function – Allow a tab to be restored in the event of a hardware failure on terminal with till open. Only available in MyEpos Touch Full Edition.
  • FIxed issue with cRef not recording to account_daybooks dbf.
  • Added ALT + C hotkey to list of items -> Create Product
  • Fixed Top change backcolor on light theme
  • Fixed release table not appearing on tablet edition
  • Fixed Show Kit items only in Product Search
  • Improved colours for Split bill screen for Covers
  • When Selecting Item that has sub menu items sold will now select all sub menu items on split bill screen
  • Print Bill Now Prints same format as Print Bill for Zero Priced Items
  • Fixed annoying issue with List of Products > Select Item Not Selecting Items when using a touch screen
  • Select Item Now maintains the highlighted item after save.
  • List of Products Now Shows Products Price 
  • Fixes issue with Hold Transaction with Account Payment Not Recalling Account Payment
  • Fixes Issue With Email Statement and Invoices from Customer Form using old email integration
  • Displays Questions and Answers on Sale Grid When Grid Prompts is enabled
  • Prints Questions and Answers on Receipts if Receipt Notes is enabled
  • Prints Questions and Answers on Order Tickets
  • If Question is Yes / No or Compulsory Yes in Question setup there is a checkbox for “Display Question and Answer on Sale and Print With Notes?”
  • New Layout Editor
  • Integrated Email
  • Fixed issue with Auto Email EOD not working
  • Added New Flag to Sub Menus to Append Prices of Sub Menu Items to Base Products
  • Tablet Edition Now Syncs Floor Plan Names with Table Sync flagged
  • Fixed Issues with Various Question Types not working with Product Sales
  • Product List in Item Setup Now stays active as you edit products, you can easily create products by departments in the product list 
  • Items that are flagged as disabled no longer show in sub menu department lists
  • New Option for Type of Bill in Tab Setup – Order – This bill shows the customer details at the top of the bill instead of the bottom as per the standard / default setting.
  • Added Option to BETA disclaimer message “Do Not Show This Again”
  • Due to popular demand, we have reinstated the custom wallpaper on the sign on screen, you can now set this by placing a myepos-background.jpg in the images directory and turning off the setting “Show Default Wallpaper Background” in POS and theme settings.