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Selling and tracking raw meat, handling specific client requirements and managing Deli Counters are all part of everyday life for a Butchers, but where can you get an EPOS solution tailored to you with full Stock control, Scale Integration, Handling of Layaways and yet still be simple to use…

Why Choose myEPOS?

Our Butcher solutions have everything you need and more. myEPOS has a range of functions specifically written for Butchers including, the ability to Weigh Products and generate Labels for attaching to the items, with all the required details along with Weigh and a scannable barcode.

We offer integration with Scales for Weight embedded barcodes along with complete scanning for price embedded barcodes too. Our Network of professional EPOS providers will tailor your specific requirements, and we even have functions for Layaways and Customer Accounts along with over 100 Stock and Sales analysis reports.

Everything In One Package

  A dealer near you will set up and train your staff within minutes, alongside ongoing support and technical maintenance.
Manage a diverse inventory across your online and physical stores with clever and powerful stock control.
Boost customer retention with customisable Promotions. Provide Loyalty schemes along with the ability to track/offer credit facilities. Provide integrated Online advance ordering along with Discounts and Promotional lines easily.
Offer customers the very best service with processing of advance orders (Layaways), easy scanning of Price Embedded Items, integrated Meat + Fruit&Veg scales, Integrated PDQ Machines, full stock and inventory control and a simple to use Point of Sale.
  Online, E-commerce, Delivery, Collection and Multi-site ready.
 Real-time reporting on staff, customer sales, margin, Purchase Order tracking and stock. Identify best sellers, create reports and manage your business from anywhere.
 Let your customers pay however they like with a range of payment integrations.
 Easily add, edit, and remove items for painless product management.
Automate purchase orders to keep your customers satisfied.

Key Features + Benefits

  Integrated Scales

Butchers and Deli businesses rely heavily on Integrated scales and need fast yet accurate tracking and labelling of products from Meat Scales along with a POS that tracks stock accurately and is fast and efficient to use.

  Promotional Lines

With products that have short shelf lives monitoring stock levels and ensuring the right promotions for the business are in effect is key to being successful. Being Competitive and knowing which lines sell efficiently is part of the myEPOS experience. Wide ranges of promotions can be created quickly and efficiently with real-time reporting.

  Fast Point of Sale

The ability to scan items quickly, weigh items efficiently and offer a seamless customer experience with everything being just a finger tap away is important. Lets face it Butchers counters are busy, fast-paced and sales need to be made as simply as possible but the level of detail of the reports required are imperative.

Manage Customers
Anyone can use
Ultimate control



We know that the best way to make money is to know where your money is going! myEPOS has complete stock tracking of all products sold and unlike many systems for Butchers, we integrate directly with your Meat Scales and Fruit+Veg Scales along with Price embedded Barcodes, Weight Barcodes and regular barcodes. So you do not need to mix solutions, mix reports from different solutions or do any fiddely end of day process to add up multiple sales figures to get your accurate Profit and Loss.

myEPOS has Purchase Tracking along with all of the Sales data and can even mimic a complete Meat scale directly so you can rely upon a single solution with a single set of data. Your data can be accessed through an in House Backoffice, a Backoffice on the Tills themselves and we even have a cloud backoffice for handling multiple sites or sites where the owner looks to remotely oversee the business.

Our Cloud backoffice includes accounts links to packages such as Xero for quick reporting of VAT and keeping your accountants happy and figures organised. Our Stock system has 10 customisable bands for tracking Complete portions or cuts of meat sold in differing units and purchases can be recorded against any lines for complete tracking along with product labelling that makes any auditing process simple to manage.




Integrate directly with meat scales, embedded barcodes etc.

A single solution with a single set of data

Synchronise your stock levels with your physical store

Easy Accounting and integration with providers such as Xero

Complete tracking along wit product labelling



Let’s face it, Running a Butchers is not as simple as customers may think, it’s fast-paced and mistakes can be made very easily. myEPOS tracks all of the sales made by clerks right down to the gram. Our Reports will show who has done the most sales, restrict access where needed to any miscellaneous functions, track the printing of the meat labels, work out the Nett and Gross profits along with managing Shifts, Time and Attendance. Our software has advanced tracking, for example, the Layaway systems note what orders have been Laid away and not collected in a timely fashion. We also have a complete accounts tracking system for who is ordering products, what they regularly have should you need it to retain a balance for unpaid/account customers.

All product stock is tracked seamlessly and products or portions can be allocated to waste and fully tracked back with over 100 reports, providing details of all aspects of the business. We can even inject your CCTV system with live data on the sales as they are made helping to reduce losses further.




Advanced tracking right down to the gram

Detailed real-time reporting & tracking

Find old, new and ancient receipt data



Not every butcher is the same and competition is likely rife. We have a promotion system that is not just easy to use but is powerful enough to provide a full Loyalty system based upon spending patterns but also specific cuts/quantities, dates of goods, specific dates of sale and even offers that can be applied to client birthdays or other promotional events.

It’s one thing being as competitive price-wise as the local competition, but since all the butchery systems can be provided by the single myEPOS package, you gain the advantage that everything is handled by a single solution so are not trying to come up with promotional ways to compensate for non-integrated systems. Our system integrates the scales, customer accounts, purchases and payments directly and every aspect of the sale directly.






Customisable promotions and loyalty schemes

Built-in marketing tools including SMS and email

Integrated with scales, customer accounts and purchases directly

Easy to


Since many products are sold at a butcher that wouldn’t conventionally scan, easy methods of sale have been incorporated to make life simple and systems easy to use. Everything can be picture driven. Eliminate the selling of the wrong type of Veg by unfamiliar staff since they can press pictures of what they are selling. Put in checks for products so they can be sure it’s correct.

Loose weight products automatically prompt for the items to be placed on the scales, Layaway’s (Items for later collection or Items placed on hold for customers from a different area of the business) are all readily at hand with Client Names and Ticket Numbers at hand. There really is no easier way to sell your products with minimal training and staff experience.

Easy to



Fully customisable screens including imagery

Order prompts and reminders

Client names and ticket numbers at hand

Cut costs and boost profits with intelligent sales insights

Easily train your staff

Simple Interface

Top Points

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COVID-19 made various businesses look at going online, Butchery businesses are such a business that whilst having a demand has not been able to offer clients online ordering until now. myEPOS has a full Online Ordering system where clients can view the products, order specific cuts, make payments online, even arrange Delivery (If you wish to offer this) but also have all of the orders automatically added to the Layaway systems.




Integrate with Xero, Quickbooks, Sage

Easily share takings alongside invoices

Find old, new and ancient receipt data

Ready to

get started?

Transform your business today with an epos system that grows with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to change my menu?

Adding an items to your menu is super simple you only have to program the items in once and in most cases they will automatically be added to the screen, orderpads and promotions if applicable.

My Business has multiple Shifts, Can I Report on Each Shift per Till?

MyEpos has complete control and reporting over your Shifts. You can have Daily Takings, Takings by Shift and with the powerful backoffice report on any combinations of Days/Months/Years or Shifts. You can even report on this period vs. another period.

Can Buttons Sell by Weight as well as Pre-Packs?

On-Screen menus can automatically engage the scales or offer choices such as Pre-Pack or Weighed, so you can have for example – 1KG Carrots, 2KG Carrots, Carrots by Weight – All under a single button.

Can I connect MyEpos to any Accounts packages?

Currently we offer connectivity with Xero, Quickbooks and Sage through our MyEpos Cloud Backoffice solution. We have a powerful set of API’s available so the system can communicate with other technologies as they become available.

You say MyEpos has around 100 Reports, what if I want a different one?

Whilst we believe all reports are genuinely catered for, with a little knowledge of Crystal Reports, your reporting can be as flexible as you are. Many resellers offer customised reports so the world is your oyster.

If Someone Doesn't pay by the end of the day what happens?

Many systems will either insist on the payment being completed on the Day of the Sale, or make you cash off sales and record them separately. myEPOS will let you do either of these OR roll it into the next Day / Week as you decide in the management setup.

How easy is it to add items?

Scanning unknown items will automatically bring up a product addition screen and similarly the layouts for Fruit and Veg can easily be appended to with a few clicks.

What equipment would a Butchers normally have?

Most Butchers have 2 or 3 EPOS Terminals all provided with Receipt Printers, Scales, Cash Drawers and PDQ Card Machines. Then in Addition usually a Digi Combination Meat Scale/EPOS Terminal or a standalone Meat Scale Terminal that can interact with the POS. In Many cases we are asked for a standalone LayAway screen too.

I order from multiple suppliers can MyEPOS handle this?

Yes! MyEPOS knows that businesses frequently order from multiple suppliers to get the best deal. MyEPOS will maintain the margin or profit and loss based on where the particular stock comes from

I run multiple Shifts over the Day am I limited to a single Daily reading?

myEPOS has complete control and reporting over your Shifts. You can have Daily Takings, Takings by Shift and with the powerful backoffice report on any combinations of Days/Months/Years or Shifts. You can even report on this period vs another period.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Your EPOS provider will discuss your requirements, explain the options available along with a competitive quotation and discuss how to get the products needed for them to set up the system.

Step 2

Once your EPOS provider has either the products in a spreadsheet format or multiple suppliers spreadsheets, they shall look for a list of Clerks and content for the Receipts.

Step 3

Your system will get delivered/installed. Your EPOS supplier will train you on how to use the front of house system and make meaningful analyses of the Sales Data/Reports.

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